Missileworks RRC2L Altimeter

Missileworks RRC2L Altimeter

Missileworks RRC2L Altimeter

Missileworks RRC2L Altimeter

Model Number: RRC2L
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Manufacturer: Missileworks
  • Description

Like the racing Greyhound, the RRC2L embodies the same collection of traits that exemplify this amazing breed. The RRC2L unit is ready to fly DD (dual deployment) duties as it comes, right out of the box, providing a drogue event at apogee and a main event at 500 ft AGL. 

The RRC2L provides many enhancements over the original RRC2+ by providing a subset of recovery and flight controls inherited from the RRC3. These operations are programmed using a new, 4th deployment mode that utilizes the MAIN Event output. 

The Main Output Control Sequence settings provide an extremely flexible and capable collection of control options, allowing users to create a custom control sequence independent of the standard drogue event performed by the RRC2L on the Main output of the unit.

These control operations are capable of permissive staging/separation controls, timing control operations, and other specialized applications while providing an independent  drogue event for recovery. 

Microcontroller                                 16MHz 16-bit MSP430 Series mCU
Pressure/Temperature sensor            MSI MS5607 Pressure sensor with 24 bit ΔΣ ADC 
Operational Range                            40K MSL recommend (100K MSL capable)
Arming Mode                                    Barometric / 300’ AGL
Battery Voltage                                 3.5 volts to 10 volts
Continuity/Firing Current (@9V)         50 µa / 3A for 1 second (Drogue & Main)