Well-designed, complete High Power and Model Rocket Kits that include quality parts to build strong, great-flying models. 
Common-sense designs that are easy to build – and look great
! Available only direct from SBR!

NEW Rockets for 2020 !!

Designed specifically for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga “Rocket Mocs” program, the Vapor is an easy way to do your TRA or NAR Level 1 Certification.  2.2″ diameter airframe with 3D-Printed nose cone, coupler and simulated nozzle.  Includes a 38mm motor mount, 29mm motor adapter, laser-cut plywood fin alignment guide, rail guides, laser-cut vertical stand, and horizontal display stands!  Even includes our new AM54 Altimeter Mount!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Li’l Rocket Kits from SBR! Small versions of our bigger high-power Rockets Click Here to see details and order!

It’s not a real bomb, but it looks like a WWII iron bomb – and it really flies!  SBR’s The Bomb is a 5.5″ diameter kit that includes SBR’s new 5.5″ Airframe tubing, a 3D-Printed custom plastic nosecone, laser-cut plywood fins and centering rings, a 38mm motor mount, 45″ parachute (optional), tubular nylon shock cord, full-color printed instruction book, and decals to finish as shown.  Order one today – it’s “The Bomb”!  NOW SHIPPING!!!

Back by popular demand
The SBR 4/5.5″ Honest John kit! – and now with an improved 3D-Printed plastic nosecone!  Already the most scale Honest John rocket kit available, now even better!  New interlocking fin structure makes an incredibly strong rocket – and nothing else flies like a HoJo!  It’ll quickly become your favorite rocket.  Not intended for dual deploy, but does include an electronics bay for altimeter deployment, and works great with the Jolly Logic Chute Release (see parts and accessories).  Super strong construction and a 54mm motor mount.  Includes a 50″ nylon parachute. (optional)
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The SBR Omega kit!
Finally!  A rocket that resembles a REAL modern-day heavy launch vehicle!  The SBR Omega!  Convenient  electronics and payload bays allow flight using today’s advanced electronics for drogue-to-main recovery, or it can be flown as a single deploy model.  fixed strap-on boosters (non-functioning), huge 5.5″ dia. payload section means you can fly dual-deploy and use very large parachutes, or even multiple parachutes!  (parachutes available separately).  Laser-cut wood parts and laser-cut crystal-clear acrylic fins.  Custom 3D-Printed plastic nosecones and nozzles, and a full payload section vinyl wrap that is already printed with panel line and rivet details.  This is a builder’s kit that requires previous building experience – for advanced modelers only!
Includes laser-cut CAM1 action camera mount.
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The SBR Sonic 54 3″ kit!
NEW!  Our new 3″ kit – Sonic 54 is an example of what a cardboard rocket can do!  Fully double-tubed, from top to bottom, it’s strong, light, and well-balanced.  With a 54mm motor mount, it’s designed to be flown on a K185, with dual-deploy flights approaching 10,000 feet!  Can also be flown as single-deploy. Integral electronics bay includes our new CAM3 Camera/altimeter mount.  Includes 3D-Printed plastic simulated nozzle shown.  Colorful decals to finish as shown.  Fin can is built outside of the rocket and interlocks for strength – laser-cut plywood parts are easy to work with and fit together great! 
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Fusion – This is the one you’ve heard about. The best way to achieve TRA or NAR Level 1 and Level 2 High Power Rocketry Certification! Includes almost EVERYTHING needed except the motor and glue (and we’ve got those, too!)

Thor – The Classic returns – and it’s better and stronger than ever!  Completely re-designed to take advantage of today’s more reliable electronics payloads.  Full dual-deploy design capable of handling up to K motors!

ArrowX – Missile-like looks, in a mid-size, dual-deploy-ready rocket that looks as great as it flies.  Includes surface detailing that makes for a fun, and challenging build.  Full-color instructions and body-wrap decals are included, as well as the CAM1 Altimeter/Camera Mount.

Horizon – A simple, reliable rocket that has been completely updated and includes SBR’s CAM1 altimeter/Camera mount.  Full-color instructions, and a full-length airframe wrap that only requires minimal painting.

Diablo – Simple Level 1 rocket that is short and stubby! Includes color printed and cut decals that are easy to  install.  Full color instructions, and it even includes an SBR Rocket Stand!