Well-designed, complete High Power and Model Rocket Kits that include quality parts to build strong, great-flying models. 
Common-sense designs that are easy to build – and look great
! Available only direct from SBR!

Li’l Rocket Kits from SBR! Small versions of our bigger high-power Rockets Click Here to see details and order!

It’s not a real bomb, but it looks like a WWII iron bomb – and it really flies!  SBR’s The Bomb is a 5.5″ diameter kit that includes SBR’s new 5.5″ Airframe tubing, a 3D-Printed custom plastic nosecone, laser-cut plywood fins and centering rings, a 38mm motor mount, 45″ parachute (optional), tubular nylon shock cord, full-color printed instruction book, and decals to finish as shown.  Order one today – it’s “The Bomb”!  NOW SHIPPING!!!

Fusion – This is the one you’ve heard about. The best way to achieve TRA or NAR Level 1 and Level 2 High Power Rocketry Certification! Includes almost EVERYTHING needed except the motor and glue (and we’ve got those, too!)

Thor – The Classic returns – and it’s better and stronger than ever!  Completely re-designed to take advantage of today’s more reliable electronics payloads.  Full dual-deploy design capable of handling up to K motors!