The Fusion is designed to take you from Level 1 certification, through Level 2 certification - and beyond! Included GoPro camera mount can be used to record stunning images of your flights - and the included Missileworks RRC3 altimeter* is a proven, simple way to achieve perfect deployment of parachutes - single, or dual-deploy. When built following these instructions exactly, you’re assured a great flying, good looking rocket that will fly on a widerange of motors - G through K Impulse!

Model may be flown using motor ejection only, if desired.


The best way to achieve TRA or NAR Level 1 and Level 2 High Power Rocketry Certification!
Finally, an easy to build, strong 4" rocket that will handle your Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications.
Includes almost EVERYTHING needed except the motor and glue!.

KIT INCLUDES: Proven, stable dual-deployment design - includes high-strength airframe tubing and couplers, plastic nosecone, CNC cut wood parts, Missileworks RRC3 Altimeter* (*available with or without altimeter) Top Flight Recovery parachutes - both main and drogue included! 54mm motor mount, with included 29mm and 38mm adapters!
Also includes an action camera mount (GoPro, etc.), nomex heat shields and shock cord protectors, rail buttons and hardware. Extensive photo-illustrated instructions, exclusive colorful full-body wrap decal - very little painting necessary! Instructions included for dual-deployment flights..


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